Florida Comfort Systems has brought quality duct cleaning services to the Naples area since 1985, and we are ready to prove it! As a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) member, Florida Comfort Systems is committed to a high standard in safety, evaluation, and cleaning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts.

Clean Ducts. Cleaner Air. Healthier Home.
Dirty Duct - Needs Cleaning
Duct After Cleaning

Choosing To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Is your nose feeling stuffy? Are you finding that you’re coughing and sneezing more often than usual? If so, there’s a good chance that the ducts in your home are dirty, which could be greatly hurting your indoor air quality. This not only causes health concerns, but the accumulation of dust and debris in the ducts might also cause your HVAC system to not function properly. Contact Florida Comfort Systems today for top notch duct cleaning services throughout Naples, FL, Marco Island, FL, and Bonita Springs, FL!

As an active member of NADCA, Florida Comfort Systems assures that they properly clean ductwork in Naples. We know that improper cleaning of ducts, the situation can become even worse with your indoor air. For example, an improper cleaning can release more dirt than it removes, leaving you with more dirty airflow than if you had left the ducts alone in the first place. An inadequately trained technician can damage your ductwork or HVAC system when attempting to clean your ducts. This can lead to even more costs in your home’s HVAC system in the future and is a leading reason you should call Florida Comfort Systems at (239)-774-5501 today, for a knowledgeable consultation.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, you should consider having the ducts in your home cleaned:

  • Excessive visible mold in the sheet metal, or other hard surface. *Note – Many times, it will appear that an HVAC system has mold, when it actually does not. At Florida Comfort Systems, we will help in providing accurate mold detection.
  • Insects, rodents, or other vermin have infested your ducts.
  • Dust and debris have clogged your ducts, and particles are being released into the airflow of your home.

Duct Cleaning Benefits

  • Reduction of Airborne Dust – Having your air ducts cleaned by the pros at Florida Comfort Systems ensures reduced dust that could otherwise circulate throughout your home, landing on your furniture and belongings. You can also reduce the amount of dusting you need to do in your home by simply getting your ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis!
  • Reduction of Allergens and Irritants – In addition to dust, air ducts can contain harmful micro-organisms & contaminants. Things like mold spores, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mildew, and other toxins can all be found in an unclean duct system. People who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems can be especially sensitive to these contaminants. Getting your ducts cleaned can keep your duct system from recirculating these unwanted particles.
  • Improves HVAC System Efficiency – Ductwork that has a build-up of dust and/or grime restricts the airflow from your air conditioning system. This means your system needs to work harder to cool your Naples home, resulting in decreased efficiency. However, a clean duct system operates at peak efficiency, providing cost-effective performance.
  • Decreases or Eliminates Unpleasant Odors – Cleaning products, pets, tobacco, food, and more all contribute to stale smells in your ductwork. Every time your AC system is on, odors will continuously circulate throughout the airflow in your home. A detailed cleaning of the air ducts by Florida Comfort Systems removes odor-trapping particles, resulting in a fresh smell throughout your home.